Sheriff and The Deputy Moonsplash 2017
Photo by Marta Federici 2017

Robert Saidenberg, The Sheriff of Goodtimes (aka Sheriff Bob) and Bankie Banx met in the late 80s at a recording studio in New York City. Bankie invited Sheriff down to Anguilla and that summer they started planning the first Moonsplash. Bankie and The Sheriff have been working on Moonsplash as friends and colleagues for nearly 30 years – every year it is a joy to celebrate music and community on the beautiful island of Anguilla!

Over the years, Sheriff Bob has performed at The Dune with several of his bands. This year, The Sheriff of Goodtimes returns with his current band, Sheriff and The Deputy, featuring Kat Minogue and Captain Bob. Sheriff and The Deputy plays traditional Folk, Rock, and Country music! The band enjoyed 9 months of performances at Opry City Stage, the NYC branch of the world-famous Grand Ole Opry.

Sheriff Bob has been a central figure in the Greenwich Village music scene since the early 60s. Sheriff Bob’s Goodtime Jam in the West Village has been an important part of the local Bluegrass scene for decades. People come from all over to play Bluegrass and Country music with The Sheriff and some of the most talented musicians in town. This is chronicled in the 2018 award-winning short documentary film, The Sheriff of Goodtimes. Most recently, the film won Best Short Documentary at the Big Apple Film Festival!

The Sheriff of Goodtimes from Brad Hinkle on Vimeo.

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Sheriff Bob’s Goodtime Jam in the New York Times


This is a very special year for The Sheriff of Goodtimes as he’ll be celebrating his 80th Birthday at Moonsplash 2019!

Check out his band, Sheriff and The Deputy, at Moonsplash on Saturday, March 23rd.

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